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Defining The Problems

In 2018, a group of gym buddies from Vancouver, Canada, thought their gym bags should be made with more lasting qualities and offered more useful features for everyday use. However, that should not be translated into paying high prices.

Product Development

Since then, they went on a 2 year product development journey with an emphasis on increasing product value offered over retail price. They got their boots dirty by personally visiting manufacturers in Asia for an up-close assessment of ethical standards and competence in production. This process involved tens of designs, and months of rigorous testing of various samples.

Added Value

Through interviews and study groups, they were able to incorporate the highest desirable features asked by people like you, which include modern designs, durable fabrics, separate shoe compartments, strong metal components, and more!

Professional Grade

Each component and every compartment was thought of based on real life and everyday demands. Engineered to solve your everyday needs!

The New Brand

In 2020, they have proudly launched KEVELLSTONE, a brand that will alter the equation of value vs price.